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Guide to the Best Criminal Defense Attorneys


It is not easy to find the best criminal defense attorneys.  If you find attorneys who are particularly famous for representing someone famous and gets featured in the front pages of the newspaper, may not necessarily be the best in the field. Their popularity may just be because of their openness to being hired by the highest bidder even if their client is guilty beyond doubt.


You should always remember that each case brought to the courts is unique from each other because it can involve different clients and lawyers and have different causes and settings. Because of this, it is important to remember that the best criminal defense attorney in other people's opinion may not be the best criminal defense attorney to entrust with defending your rights. The word 'best' is actually very subjective and it would do well to keep this in mind.


Below are some traits and qualities that are common to the best dui attorney. Any attorney that does not have all the criteria below cannot be considered the best.


One can qualify as the best in the field if he has around ten years worth of involvement in criminal defense. If you are searching for the best criminal defense attorney, make sure that you hire someone who has the required number of years worth of experience in the state you case has been filed. Remember that states have different laws and hiring an attorney who is unfamiliar with state laws may not be able to find loopholes that could get you acquitted.


There is a vast array of crimes covered under criminal defense. But it can be divided into white collar crimes or corporate crimes, sex crimes, drugs crimes, and violent crimes. You should hire an attorney considered the best in the field where your case is categorized. If the attorney deals with drug cases, he might not be up to date with the latest bills and laws that affect sex crimes. If you hire a criminal defense attorney with specialized knowledge to defend your rights, you will be sure that there is nothing the other party knows that your attorney does not.


Experience is not enough to qualify an attorney as the best. There has to be evidence to back up his claim of being the best. And, evidence comes in the form of the number of cases won verses number of cases lost. Be sure to research the attorney's background and career thoroughly before hiring. Find out how he handled his previous cases, his strengths, and weaknesses, and how he handles pressure. To read more on the importance of having the best lawyer, check out http://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/learner-english/attorney.


The best criminal defense attorneys show respect to their clients in every aspect of the word. They respect their freedom of choice. They respect their client's integrity by not asking them to commit perjury. They promptly return calls and addresses needs.


The best divorce law firm is aware that clients have a lot of stake on the case's outcome and providing updates is one way to showing their concern.